h   e   a   r   t:           b   o   d   y,           e   m   o   t   i   o   n,           s   o   u   l
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y o g a    f o r    t h e   w h o l e    h e a r t  strengthens and opens the heart on
         three fundamental levels (body, emotion, soul), to make our lives more loving and

s o u l : there is a place inside us where we can experience union with Creation.
          Unbounded love.  The universe above, with its breathtaking space and countless stars,
          is a concrete reflection of infinity within.  So too, our own inner space mirrors the
          vastness of the external cosmos.  The truth is, they are actually one and the same.  All
          is one and one is all: Ek Ong Kar.

e m o t i o n : we are all familiar with feeling our heart.  When the source of emotion
          derives from love, we overflow with and embrace life.  But all too often, our emotions
          are driven instead by inner fears and insecurity, robbing us of energy and, ultimately,
          health.  In learning to reconnect with soul instead of ego, we can reclaim our heart’s
          birthright: true happiness.

b o d y : our physical heart - like our whole body - is made of the earth, and through
          connecting with the Earth which mothered us, we can similarly feel more whole.  A
          healthy, strong physical heart is key to supporting emotional balance and well-being.
          Properly oxygenated blood stimulates the brain and drives the glandular system,
          whose hormones are key to finding both truth and happiness. 
Have you ever lived from your whole heart?
The answer is surely yes.  It is the reason we are here.
But how often are you there:
In love with the world, in love with everyone around you, in love with life?
Are you there now?

We use yoga and meditation to create a stronger bond between body, emotion and soul.  In our heart, these three elements live simultaneously and superimposed upon one another; and so by nurturing one element, we inevitably influence the other two as well.  By stretching and strengthening the body through yogic exercises and asanas, we can stabilize and give support to the heart's myriad emotions.  Then, by focusing the mind through meditation, or by opening the heart through love, we can more easily reach the soul.