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w e l c o m e!
what to expect in class: my classes aren't about finding the perfect abstract body position - they're about finding the perfection already inside us.  Through the body, we can let go of our mind, our worries, our ego.  Sometimes this means we have to challenge ourselves physically.  Sometimes this means we just have to stretch or breathe, really breathe.  Everyone is different, and we must all make our own individual journey within, towards the heart... 
Integrated Kundalini-Kriya yoga and meditation combines the best aspects of two powerful traditions: the dynamic physical exercises of Kundalini Yoga () and the sitting meditational practices of Kriya Yoga (), as well as Zen, TM, Vipassana and other Buddhist meditational techniques.  It is the safest and yet most effective means to experience your true nature: that beyond your finite, physical body you are a limitless spiritual being filled with infinite love.  ()
                          p r i c e s :

weekday classes:
single drop-in class, space permitting: 3000 ft.
discount ticket for 6 'thematic' classes (HU only): 12,000 ft.

half-day workshop:  6000 ft. (5000 ft. for those already holding a current discount ticket)
full-day workshop:  10,000 ft. (8000 ft. for those already holding a current discount ticket)

consultations and private classes:
10,000 ft. first occasion, 5,000 ft. subsequent occasions

all prices include ÁFA (sales tax / VAT)
                          s t u d i o :

address:    Relax Jógastúdió, Budapest, I. kerület
                  Tábor (Logodi) utca 19./b.

                     w o r k s h o p s:

'Lucid dreaming, dream yoga and the expansion of consciousness'
5 occasions:  nov. 22., dec. 6., (2015) jan. 17., 31., feb. 28

'Autumn fasts and detox'
from november

due to limited space, please sign up in advance at:

workshops are held bilingually (English / Hungarian)
kundalini yoga is a term with many potential meanings.  To some it evokes turbans and just one specific tradition.  However, I feel that this expression - which consists of two very simple words - deserves a more general treatment, closer to its original Sanskrit meaning.  This is reflected in class... 
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-        t a l l i s    s h i v a n t a r
                      t i m e t a b l e:
tuesdays:       2.00pm-3.30pm (in English)
tuesdays:       7.00pm-9.00pm (in Hungarian)
wednesdays:  7.00pm-9.00pm (in Hungarian)
thursdays:      9.00am-11.00am (in Hungarian)
saturdays:     workshops (in English)

beginners welcome!

due to limited space, please sign up in advance at:

consultations and private classes: according to need